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Video sound won't stop when changing frames on timeline

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Video sound won't stop when changing frames on timeline

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I've been making the transition from AS2 to AS3 for the last week and am making progress. But I'm having a problem that hopefully someone can help me with.
I'm using Flash CS5.
I have a fairly simple Flash website I'm working on. I have sections on the timeline like Home, About, Photos, Media ... all set up using labels for each of those sections.
Everything is working fine but when I go to my Media section where I have a video placed (using the flv component) I'm having a problem as follows:
The video auto plays fine when I go to the Media section but when I attempt to leave the section and go to another the sound of the video doesn't stop. It continues to play when I go to another section and if I go back to the section it starts again. The video is not there when I go to another section which is the part that's confusing me. In AS2 when I did this the video and the sound both stopped because you went to another section on the timeline. Why is the sound of the video not stopping in AS3?

Please help.

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