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Basic Programming Issue

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Basic Programming Issue

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I'm quite new to Waspmote, and need some help. I have previously been working directly with Micro-controllers like PIC and MSP430 coding in c. (First Issue) What i want to do is to have separate ".h" and ".c" files to contain my API for the system and call them from my main ".pde" file. I'm able to reference my external files in my main file, but i can't do the reverse. Similiarly i also cannot call functions from Waspmote API library from my external files. Is it possible to this by including the right header to my external ".h" and ".c" files? (Second Issue) can have Interrupt service routine outside the main "loop()" routine, so that i can have ISR handle routine data-handling in the backend?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you


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