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Data Processing Problem

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Data Processing Problem

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A couple of days ago I was given a txt file. In this file was about 49,000+/- comma delimited records. The data came in this format. week, id, description, qty, amtI was told to take this data and spit it out to an excel sheet in this format Store nbr Data Type Week Number Week Number Week Number
1 POS Sales 100 200 300
1 POS Qty 2 2 2
First I have to format the date in a different way. I have that down thanks to this forum. After that I am spitting all of this into a table i set up in a database.....It is taking forever, because I have to run an sql statement for each line. My question is how could I simplify this process. Could I use a datatabe, hashtable, manipulate excel easier, LINQ. Any thoughts.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


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