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Problems with Compaq Evo D5S

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Problems with Compaq Evo D5S

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I have the above running Windows XP. Previously the HDD was in a similar PC, but the MB died. So I dropped the HDD into its current home. As I thought it wouldn't boot. So I installed XP SP3. Deleted the old windows files, and changed the registry to boot from the new installation. Now the problem I have is when the PC comes on. It says there has been a hardware change. It's shows the CD drive but not the HDD. Press F1 to save the changes. It then reboots and the same screen comes up. Only this time it shows both the CD and HDD. Press F1 again and it boots up into XP, and works fine. If I was using it as a desktop I could live with it, but it's powering a digital jukebox. It's also set to switch on as soon as the power is applied.
My first thought was the BIOS battery. Changed that for a new one and still have the same problem.
Any advice appreciated.

Please help.

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